SFG Beach Volleyball

Take your Avatar to the beach for some hard-hitting volleyball action! Play with or against your friends online, or guide your Avatar through the multi-season Career Mode featuring 30 tournaments around the world and an RPG-style levelling system. If you liked SFG Soccer you will love this ground breaking volleyball game!

Iím a huge fan of Super Spike VíBall, a game which remains for me the most enjoyable volleyball game around.† The latest ones Iíve bought are Klonoa Beach Volleyball and Waku Waku Volley 2, and even then they just donít have the same appeal as Super Spike VíBall.† I love the game enough to even own the U.S. Championship VíBall PCB, the arcade board the NES Technos classic is based upon.† I make a point to check out every dodgeball and volleyball game I can after Technosí late 80ís hits turned me into a fan.

SFG Beach Volleyball (the ďSFGĒ being an acronym for developer Stir Fry Gamesí name) appears to be a fine contender at first.† The game is built with the Xbox 360 avatars in mind and as such has a great professional look about it.† The crowds are stocked with avatars, and the animations for digs and spikes are convincing enough.† The court and environment are well constructed, showcasing a bright and sunny look which is to be expected from the sport.

The big appeal of games with avatar support is the ability to play a game with oneís avatar, and the style is completely dependent upon how players decide to dress up their avatars.† This alone should be enough to get some people to buy SFG Beach Volleyball, because while the 400 points price is higher than the typical 80 points throwaway game, SFG offers forth a decent game with a lengthy enough tour mode to justify the higher asking price (not to mention on-line support).

What I canít excuse is how uninspired the game plays.† SFG Beach Volleyball offers a good amount of options for setting up matches, but I just donít like the feel of the game.† Players move about the court well enough, but digs come out slow and shots are made with a dismal automatic meter selection.† Hitting the ball across the net employs a football-style kicking meter which feels terribly awkward.† Thereís no reason the shots could not be aimed and made without such use.† I would have much preferred the developer stick to a system which wasnít so obvious to the opponent and also allowed the player to feel more in control of the shotís power without having to slap a meter onto the screen.

All in all SFG Beach Volleyball looks to be an excellent effort with great graphics and lots of options but is unfortunately not the one I was looking for.† Donít let my passing on it to stop anyone from checking the game out, particularly if you have some friends to play with on-line.

June 8, 2010
June 7, 2010 | 400 points
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