Techno Kitten Adventure

Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music. Featuring DJ Hixxy's Sea of Love (Frisco) -- All Around the World Productions Ltd

Techno Kitten Adventure easily has the potential to be the next I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, or at least one would think it could as they both share similar sensibilities. Techno Kitten Adventure is a forced scrolling game obstacle dodging game which blinds the player with all kinds of light and visuals effects as did Z0MB1ES!!!1, giving the gameplay the concert treatment, matching much of what is seen to what is heard. Just as when ZoMB1ES!!!1 would shine its title onto the playfield when sung during its song, Techno Kitten also marries some visual effects to its soundtrack, bringing down a giant, pointing hand to literally "really touch the blue, blue sky" and flashing a giant rainbow when the singer asks if the player has "ever really touched the rainbows." These are nice touches which are wonderful when noticed but may get lost among all of the chaos on screen.

The display here is insane, a rave of crazy imagery and flashing lights. Even when the song and action is relatively quiet, there is plenty of moving background and foreground parts keeping things looking lively. If not for the connected theme and silliness, Techno Kitten Adventure would easily be dismissed as a Flash developer vomiting colors in one's console. The graphics are varied but flat as per the Flash standard with no real animation beyond simply rotating and shaking the individual pieces. Large pink unicorns slide across the horizon, stars fall everywhere, strobe lights jitter about, and so forth filling the screen with cut-and-paste action. The Techno Kitten is rather static itself, its only change in appearance coming from minor variance in its flaming jetpack exhaust as it flies through the world.

Techno Kitten's landscape is disappointing. For all of the effort in timing the visuals to match the music and splattering the screen with effects and graphics, all of the obstacles in Techno Kitten's path are just bland rectangles. For a game as vivid and wacky as this and with as much effort which as gone into the trivial aspects of its presentation, skimping out on the actual level design is disappointing. There are free Flash games such as Metro.Siberia which do a far better job in construction and design. To be fair, the demo does cap trial players at 30,000 points, and perhaps the game does change things up later on, but given how nothing new was seen up to that point nor in the available screenshots, I strongly doubt it. I figure the developer went in with the goal of making a silly game but didn't spend much time worrying about level design or gameplay. That's not to say the game controls poorly -- Techno Kitten ascends and drops just as it should depending upon whether or not the button is held -- but the game is rather dull once the player looks beyond all of the nuisance visual filler.

One playthrough of Techno Kitten Adventure's demo was enough to satisfy me. I rather enjoy these kinds of games, but when a paid Xbox Indie game cannot offer the variety or quality of levels found in excellent free titles such as the aforementioned Metro.Siberia, I see little reason to carry on. Techno Kitten Adventure is worth a look for the silliness and spectacle, and at 80 points it isn't a terrible purchase by any means, just a disappointing one.

September 9, 2010
December 23, 2010 | 240 points
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